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Residential & Commercial
Landscape Design

Are you looking to add to the beauty of your home, increase the value of your property, or update your overgrown and tired-looking landscaping? Have you had enough of looking out the window and seeing the same boring yard? If so, a new landscape design just might be the answer for you. M. Coelho will help you turn your outdated property into a luscious landscaped dream yard; containing the style and features you admire in other places.

M. Coelho’s experts will provide you with yard and garden designs, inspirational photographs, and image designs that will help you visualize the completed results you desire.

M. Coelho Masonry Landscaping has the staff, equipment and planning abilities to do a job of any size. Using their top of the line computer program, they will photograph your property, upload it to specialized landscape design software, then use your ideas combined with their suggestions to give you a visualization what your finished project will look like.

Once your design has been finalized, M. Coelho’s crews will execute to your specifications and install the necessary components to make your property look the way you dreamed it would.